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California Drunk Driving Law

This Informational Guide is brought to you by the authors of California Drunk Driving Law, a two-volume treatise referred commonly to by lawyers as "the Bible of DUI Defense in California."


An Informational Guide To Drunk Driving
Defense In San Francisco, California


There are various constitutional and statutory laws that can, in conjunction with the particular facts of criminal charge of drunk driving in California.  Here your case, provide a compelling legal defense to the are a few of the possible factors that could help find you NOT GUILTY of driving under the influence:

  • Did anybody see the car moving with you behind the wheel?
  • Did you drive because there was some sort of emergency?
  • Did somebody spike your drink with alcohol?
  • Did you have an unanticipated reaction to prescribed medications?
  • Was your performance on the field sobriety tests (FST’s) bad because of injury to your knees, back, joints or elsewhere?
  • Were you asked to perform FST’s on something other than a flat, smooth, and well-lit surface?
  • Do you suffer from diabetes or hypoglycemia?                          
  • Did you have a fever during breath testing?
  • Were you wearing removable dentures during breath testing?
  • Do you suffer from GERD or have other medical issues?
  • Did the officer advise you of your right to refuse roadside breath testing?
  • Did you consent to somebody sticking a needle in your arm?
  • Did you have an ear ache affecting your balance?
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