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This Informational Guide is brought to you by the authors of California Drunk Driving Law, a two-volume treatise referred commonly to by lawyers as "the Bible of DUI Defense in California."


An Informational Guide To Drunk Driving
Defense In San Francisco, California

Obtaining The Best DUI Attorney

Like most individuals arrested and accused of driving under the influence, you probably have little or no experience with the legal system and the proper way to find a criminal defense attorney for a drunk driving charge.

 If you had a heart problem, what kind of doctor would you want?  Obviously not a psychiatrist, but not a cancer or brain specialist either.  You would want a physician who specializes in the specific area of treating heart ailments. The same principle applies for finding a lawyer!  Get one who specializes in drunk driving defense.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR:                                                                              

  • Has the lawyer been Board Certified by the National College for DUI Defense? This is the only DUI defense certification that requires a rigorous written and oral examination, and the only one recognized by the American Bar Association. At the present time, there are only 5 lawyers in the State of California who hold this certification.
  • Does the lawyer hold an A-V rating by Martindale-Hubbell™? (This is the highest ranking an attorney can obtain from other lawyers).
  • Has the lawyer received special training in chemical testing and field sobriety tests? 
  • Will the lawyer be personally involved in the handling of your case?      
  • Does the lawyer frequently take cases to trial?
  • Does the lawyer regularly appear in San Francisco County Superior Court?
  • How long has the lawyer been in practice? (It can take 20 years or more to build a solid reputation with judges and prosecutors)?
  • Is the attorney licensed and in good standing with the State Bar of California? You can verify this by doing a quick membership search at

This informational site is brought to you by the authors of California Drunk Driving Law. Both are active trial lawyers with extensive experience, and both are Board Certified in DUI Defense with A-V ratings.

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